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Congratulations to all the students who came out with flying colors in the K-12 Board Examinations. Most newspapers in India have gone to town with the CBSE, ICSE and ISC results that were announced yesterday (May 19, 2010). The overall pass percentage is very high while students have scored well in most subjects save Mathematics. This has been attributed to the modified examination paper formats which students probably didn’t take to immediately.

So, now that the results are out, are we ready to rock? Of course, we have to celebrate our success because otherwise success has no meaning. We encourage you to spend the next few days watching movies or chilling out with friends. In other words unwind totally so that each of you is prepared to take on the challenges ahead in terms of finding the right course for further studies and then carefully stacking up data in your brains that will help you succeed in your future careers.

For, it is after the early education (school education) that students usually prepare for a career. What you do after completing K-12 in terms of selecting and focusing on gathering knowledge and skills is what will usually keep you ahead of others in the career of your choice. Which is why students and parents should chill out for a few days so that they can get their creative thinking faculty in the best of shape to make the right choice in terms of career goals and the knowledge that is needed to achieve them.

Once you have truly savored the success of K-12 glory, sit with your parents and chalk out a career plan whereby you make up your mind on what you would like to do to earn a living and then set about finding the right courses that will set you up on that journey to greater glory.

Remember, choosing the right career is a bit like negotiating city traffic! You would never knowingly get onto a road that has a traffic jam. Instead, you will decide on your destination and then figure out the easiest route to it. While doing so, you might even decided on the right mode of transport to get there. Why will you travel in a car if a suburban train can get you there faster? More so, when a car parking facility is difficult to get at your destination point?

My friends, so take a few moments off and savor your success in Class-12 and once you are back, sit down with your peer group, your parents and teachers to chalk out the career journey by first deciding on your destination and then picking and choosing the skillsets you need to get there. Once you are clear of these, finding the right course and moving forward will become child’s play!

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