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    Dr Justice C.S Dharmadhikari was like a candle in the wind

    January 28, 2019

    To sum up the many qualities of Dr Justice C S Dharmadhikari in three words is to contain an ocean in a tin jar. But, for Global Indian International School, Justice was a friend, philosopher and guide, epitomising qualities that have been portrayed as the important steps of the later of success. The stalwart was a cofounder and patron of...

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    Why Children Should Learn Multiple Languages

    January 23, 2019

    Having the ability to speak multiple languages is an asset in the workplace and the community. Fluency in two or more languages expands one's career opportunities, especially in fields such as government and technology. Bilingual employees are in a prime position to accept assignments that require international travel or communicating with...

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    How schools can cater to 21st century learning

    December 25, 2018

    Much is being talked  about imparting 21st century skills to students in today’s school in order to enhance critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. Futuristic schools are paying attention to these areas and are incorporating necessary elements in their teaching process.

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    Volunteer today, be a leader tomorrow: How the 9 GEMS framework supports volunteerism and develops strong students

    September 15, 2017


    The benefits of community service are numerous, and research suggests that it truly is great to give help, as well as receive it. At every GIIS campus, our 9 GEMS™ model integrates opportunities for our students to give back to the community, and encourages students to develop their own unique sense of what it means to act upon their values...

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    Service uplifts us all: How “giving back” builds better communities and kids

    September 15, 2017


    Helping someone, or some community, in need can be a powerful and yet humbling feeling. And research suggests that only does serving others make us feel good, it makes our whole communities better, too.

    It’s no accident then, that a commitment to community service is built right into our holistic 9 GEMS™ model at all GIIS campuses. We provide...

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