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    A Peep Into the Future of Global Citizens – Leadership Program with Industry experts

    Mr. Ramesh Mudgal
    May 4, 2020
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    GIIS UAE has started a unique program for its Senior Leadership Team that involves interaction with Leaders from different industries spread across the globe. The team in these sessions are engaged with the guest speaker to gain a perspective on what are the turning points and trend defining decisions they are faced with, in these challenging times.

    In the last session hosted by GIIS Dubai Principal, Mr. Ramesh Mudgal the team present had an opportunity to tap into the experiences of Mr Makarand Sainis – Senior VP & CTO (Lighting Div) at Wipro Enterprise.

    The session started with the guest stressing on the importance of research in the present scenario. He stated that even pre-Covid companies had started to make a shift in their recruitment strategy, where they opted for candidates with a bend towards research and studies as opposed to just someone from a premium institute. Human Resource department across various industries are laying immense importance on soft skills like being curious, self-driven and a solution provider. Bringing focus back on research he spoke on how professional engineering colleges are also aligning themselves to this industry shift.

    Mr Ramesh then spoke about the GCIE department in GIIS that is actively working in this direction with its path breaking initiatives built in the curriculum. Mr Makrand was visibly impressed and mentioned that these programs are indeed the need of the hour from an industry demand and relevance point of view.

    The advantage according to Mr Makrand apart from personality development was a student becoming independent. He was very clear in establishing, that in times to come work place culture will not really give a corporate enough time to groom their team and hence self-starters along with relevant industry training will have an edge. A program like GCIE in his opinion will help a child understand themselves better and probably assist them in discovering their interest levels. He mentioned that till high school a typical student is unsure and confused given the various options, but exposure to such programs will assist the student to do a self SWOT constantly and discover their potential and work on developing it.

    The panel proceeded to discuss on some lovely insights of lighting as a category and how one can look forward to some exciting innovations like LIFI which is expected to be the next WIFI. The team got a brief insight into the category and how something as simple as lighting that we tend to overlook is a science to reckon with.

    The academic leadership team was very forthcoming with interesting questions that they would be taking back as learning in their future endeavors.


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