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    A TV Studio in GIIS SMART Campus

    GIIS Team
    May 29, 2019

    A small crew works behind the scenes to ensure everything is in place before showtime; then, the cameras roll. A student takes on the role of the news anchor, narrating events that have recently taken place within the school community, whilst another set of students produce a commercial to showcase their marketing skills. Sketches like this play out regularly at the TV Studio in GIIS SMART campus.

    Promoting Communication and Self-Confidence

    The TV studio is designed to cultivate children's communication skills, as speaking before a camera builds self-confidence. Practising diction improves their oration, and as they become increasingly adept at expressing themselves with words and body language, they, in turn, become more comfortable in social interactions with peers and adults.

    How a TV Studio Aligns with our Nine Gems Framework

    At GIIS, we offer a holistic approach to education with our 9GEMS framework. Our TV Studio is a unique supplement to the other elements of the curriculum which emphasise the personality development and speech and drama gem. As students work behind the scenes and appear on-camera, they gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses and interests. Communication and social interaction encourage children to cultivate their sense of identity, supporting them to build relationships, set goals, and face challenges in the future. Learning how to express themselves in a variety of ways fosters creativity and critical thinking. Children have the opportunity to apply, and practice, these skills in genuine contexts.

    Twenty-First Century Skills for Career Success

    In today's highly diverse, rapidly evolving marketplace, merely having academic credentials is not enough to ensure success in the job market. To truly thrive, children need leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. They must be problem solvers who can readily and creatively adapt to change. All that is involved in designing, writing, scripting, producing and directing shows through a visual medium goes a long way toward laying a solid foundation for innovation and career success.

    Shaping Future Leaders

    GIIS is committed to equipping students with the academic, interpersonal and other skills needed to become global citizens and leaders. Our on-campus TV Studio provides a fun, creative means to channel students’ interests and talents, whilst simultaneously they acquire skills that set the stage for lifelong success.


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