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    Award Hat Trick for GIIS under Quarantine

    Rathin Khandhadia
    July 8, 2020

    Global Indian International School has always prided itself on being a valuable institution that offers high-quality educational experience for all of its students. 

    For years, our administrators and staff members have worked tirelessly to improve our organisation, recognising that growth and development are always possible. By taking note of the institution’s clear vision and direction, and implementing its methodology for achieving its goals, GIIS is able to continually improve.

    Knowing that continual improvement is a high priority at the school, the GIIS leadership decided to make 2020 the year in which it improved significantly. However, no one expected the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus left the school facing shutdowns and distance learning. It could have been a moment that crippled the school, but instead, teachers and administrators worked together to achieve something great.

    Not only were students able to enjoy a cohesive online learning environment that offered both structure and support, but school administrators also worked to earn three momentous achievements. During the quarantine, GIIS achieved a hat trick by completing the ISO 9001, the ISO 45001 and the Actual Audit. The International Organisation for Standardisation, or ISO, is an international standard-setting body that provides a quality management system that can be used by any type of business for improvement and growth.

    What You Need to Know About Our ISO Hat Trick

    • All three achievements required us to consider three different perspectives and finalise three different benchmarks in order to be completed.
    • Completing these certifications means that we have implemented a quality management system at GIIS that ensures our stakeholders will enjoy continuous improvements.
    • GIIS was the first school to successfully complete a remote audit via Zoom. Our school administrators are innovative and resourceful, and did not let a pandemic stand in the way of bettering our school.

    Benefits of Completing the ISO Certifications

    • We can now offer better internal management.
    • We will increase our efficiency and productivity.
    • We will improve customer acquisition and retention.
    • We can provide measured outcomes that can easily be monitored and will remain consistent.

    Quarantine was the perfect time for GIIS to focus on its quality management system and work toward achieving the ISO certification. The COVID-19 lockdown was a learning lesson for many of us, and we are proud to have put this unexpected time to good use. For more information on our award and audit, contact us today.


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