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    Building a Strong Foundation with Value-based Primary Education


    Children entering their primary years are faced with a critical moment; not only are they approaching the time when academic success becomes fundamental, but they are also just beginning to discover who they are and who they want to become.

    At Global Indian International School, we recognise that this is a pivotal point, and so strive to help our children grow in a nurturing yet challenging environment which emphasises teaching happiness and wellbeing.

    Our primary years programme includes a core curriculum as well as value-added components:

    STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths 

    Every child enrolled in the primary years programme receives a STEM kit to be completed throughout the year. The kit consists of a variety of experiments whichUsing STEM Kit to teach concepts allow them to understand the role that science, technology, engineering and math play in daily life.


    This is an online tool available to our primary children which emphasises the importance of regular practice and self-learning. It is designed to help children become comfortable with mathematical principles.

    Detailed Assessments 

    Often referred to as DA, these are online assessments which children complete in school. Educators use the results to personalise the primary years programme for individual children based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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    We are one of the few Indian schools in Singapore which recognises that education should not just focus on encouraging children to memorise facts and figures; it should also help the child grow into a healthy and happy citizen who is ready to contribute holistically to society. By teaching wellbeing in schools, we provide our children with a joyful education where they are excited to come to the classroom each day. Our state-of-the-art facilities equip children with the ideal environment for exploring their creativity and putting their minds to work.

    Within all of our courses and curriculum programmes, we emphasise personality development as well as educational leadership. We want our children to think both critically and creatively as they consider the issues that the world is facing today.

    We know that adolescent children are at a delicate stage. They are encountering personal changes whilst simultaneously social pressures are on the rise. They know that adulthood is looming and that the time to select a career path will come quickly. At GIIS, we recognise the unique challenges that are our primary year children are facing, and we strive to provide them with the resources they need to grow.

    We teach them that happiness and wellness are just as important as personal and professional success. Ultimately, we prepare them for the world beyond their education by offering a firm foundation in a value-based primary years programme.