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    Can big data win you a game of Basketball?

    GIIS Team
    March 15, 2018

    The best way to improve academic performance is through studies and revisions. Students usually spend more time on their weak areas, review the material and revise their methods to improve their performance. Over time, the results are bound to be positive.

    The same can be said for sports performance. Just using talent to play a game with passion may not be enough for a consistently good show. It would help to get a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the players, improve over time and get winning results. That's the idea behind Sports Analytics at GIIS SMART Campus!

    History of Sports Analytics

    At the beginning of the new millennium, sports professionals like Billy Beane, part owner of Oakland Athletics' baseball team, adopted sabermetrics to make personnel decisions in professional sports. It was a unique method to collect players stats to trade players and utilise them effectively. Later, the data was extended to enhance games, change techniques and implement game plans that would greatly increase the chances of winning.

    All this changed the way baseball was played. Later, Mr Beane's techniques were adopted widely in the field of sport.

    Today, the acquisition of sports analytics across major league sports teams is more normal than uncommon, and every big team has its own method of data collection and analysis. It's a way to stay one step ahead of the competition and to build the strongest team and the most prepared players possible without shelling out millions of dollars to draft top names.

    And now, this technology is available at the high-school level at GIIS SMART Campus.


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    Enter SPEDAS

    SPEDAS, or Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System, which will be rolled out at GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore, is a high-tech data collection and analysis program that monitors a student's performance on the sports field, and delivers statistics unique to each player.

    Students will wear sensors during games, which will help track their movement. On the other hand, on-field sensors will catch metrics such as ball movement, player movement and individual performance. The data collected will then be reviewed and examined for a players' areas of strength and weakness.

    This data can then be reviewed and discussed to meet the ultimate goal of performance improvement and enhancement.

    Innovation in School Sports

    Sports data analyticsis an innovative wave aimed at teaching children the necessary skills to compete at a higher level, and possibly punch above their weight. With SPEDAS, students will learn how to run faster, move more efficiently, and compete on a grander scale than students who don't have access to the program. Additionally, it makes students stronger and more prepared and gives them the tools needed to win.

    Non-invasive, accurate and highly interactive, this form of data collection and analysis records and stores games for retrieval at a future date, making it the perfect tool for coaches to communicate more effectively with the students on their teams and in their classes.

    Our SMART Campus, a first of its kind anywhere in the world, has embraced state-of-the-art facilities with a goal of producing top-notch students who are not just good at academics but at extra-curricular activity as well.

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