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    Celebrating Knowledge and Skills – Subject Weeks

    Mr. Ramesh Mudgal
    November 22, 2020
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    Learning is a life-long adventure and when it is fun filled, it doesn’t appear like work but something that learners would look forward to. One of the many ways in which learning is made fun and joyful for the students at GIIS Dubai is by organizing Subject Weeks. Every year students look forward to these subject weeks that introduce them to new activities, challenges and games in specific subjects.

    A lot of thought goes into creating the schedule for subject weeks. They are spread throughout the year so that students do not feel the burden of having to take part in so many activities. Calendar is plotted with the Subject Week Celebrations keeping in mind the assessment schedules and other important school events.

    For example during Math week, Math’s is the trending topic in the campus. From a flower to the stars it can be found everywhere. This week, GIIS Dubai is celebrating its Math’s Week with a lot of zeal and fervor. Over the course of the week, the students from grade 1 to 9 will be participating in different Math’s activities designed to challenge their thinking skills and develop their math’s problem solving abilities.


    A few activities which are highlights of the Math week are: Dress up like a shape and speak few facts about it, build a 3D object using any kind of blocks or use 2D shapes to create an animal, math quiz, famous mathematician and their contributions, amazing math facts / tricks, Tangram puzzle activity, calculator war, Mensuration [2D & 3D] Geometry Circle and Art Integration in Math.

    Math Week is truly a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in math activities, which they may not normally get a chance to experience during regular lessons.

    Similar exciting activities kept the students in other grades busy throughout the week bringing out the best in them.

    The English week focuses on developing Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing skills of the students. Activities planned include Elocution, Debate, Declamation, Essay Writing, Story Writing, Captions writing, Poetry recitation, Songwriting and more! The buzz throughout the week enthralls the participants, teachers and parents alike as students dress up as their favorite writers or favorite book characters. Guest writers and speakers share their knowledge and expertise with students and inspire them to choose the road not taken!

    The Science Week focuses on developing curious minds that question their surroundings, want to know and do more and put on their creative thinking hats. Activities like best out of waste, science skits and many more, provide students with much needed opportunities to try their creativity in the most enlivening of subjects – SCIENCE!


    Heritage and Culture comes to the fore when Social Studies Week is celebrated. Students bring forth vivid images and stories of the past, debate the pros and cons of a bill or an act and deliberate on their rights and duties.

    Arabic, Hindi and French language weeks bring students closer to the languages they are learning. There is something to take part in for every student. Every attempt is made to ensure no child is left behind. Certificates issued at the end to the deserving students feels like icing on the cake!

    Consolidating the competence of students in co scholastic subjects is the Annual Day Celebration held once a year. This mega event brings together all the departments while the lion’s share of the performances and presentations go to performing Arts. Visual and Fine arts also play a significant role when students and teachers plan the backdrops, themes and props for big event.

    At GIIS Dubai, subject weeks and celebrations are a way of life. They exist to help us celebrate childhood and make our students journey with us memorable for everyone!


    Ramesh Mudgal


    GIIS Dubai


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