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    GIIS Dubai: A School that teaches much more than subjects - LIFE

    Mr. Ramesh Mudgal
    August 6, 2020
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    Someone rightly said, “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!” Learning is a life long journey. Countless studies carried out by researchers around the world have shown that those who continue to learn beyond school hours and after their schooling, tend to achieve greater fulfilment and happiness in life. Learning with a purpose and adding on skills is the need of 21st century professionals in all fields of work. Peter Drucker, renowned Management Consultant once said, “The greatest skill in 21st century will be the skill of LEARNING new skills”. This is the guiding spirit of GIIS Dubai which places great emphasis on anytime, anywhere and any pace learning through sustainable holistic programmes that sustain the spirit of learning forever!

    The Award Winning Pre Primary Programme ‘Global Montessori Plus’:

    The GMP is a unique blend of best practices from EYFS, Montessori and Kindergarten Methodologies. It has Skill based assessment for learning leading to strong foundation in thinking skills, numeracy, literacy, social, emotional and physical development of students. Students use hands on Montessori material to acquire literacy, numeracy, social and emotional skills in the dedicated Montessori Lab. Every child is part of ‘Tiny Chef’ programme in which they learn age appropriate culinary skills in the Kinder Kitchen. Al Bustan, a garden developed and maintained by the students, grows items which the students can use in kinder kitchen.

    Role Play enables every child to explore the roles played by people around us with kits for them to adorn the roles of doctors, engineers, construction workers, fire safety personnel, pilots’ captains, chefs, police personnel and lot more. Kiddy Gym helps them realize the importance of fitness is from the tender age of 3 where students practice fitness exercises as per time table. Music, Art and Dance are integral components of GMP and students are trained by professionally qualified teachers every week with a structured plan. STEAM Lab provides opportunity for students to observe, comprehend and question things to construct their own knowledge. Stimulating and conducive learning at Sensory Room for Students of Determination.


    Opted students are provided with high level of engagement and participation with the use of I-Pads. Students are highly involved learning with the one to one device approach in learning.

    I Programmes such as I Care, I Know, I Serve & Balad I create avenues for students to learn community and environment sensitivity. Dedicated KG library with Oxford Reading Tree Programme offers Independent and Guided Reading Programme for each child. Experiential Learning through field trips is an integral part of GMP.

    GIIS Dubai Learning philosophy revolves around:

    Delightful Learning, Active Learning, 21st Century Skills, Equal Opportunity and 9 GEMS Holistic Education Framework. Supporting this philosophy are programmes that aim to develop a wide variety of skills among students from Age 3 to 18.

    Delightful Learning:

    Happiness is the ultimate goal of life which is why GIIS Dubai has Delightful Learning at the core of all its endeavours. Every moment of the student at the school adds to delightful experience. Whether it is the meet and greet sessions in the morning, heartfulness relaxation sessions or in class activities, students enjoy every bit and take pride in what they are able to learn and achieve under the caring guidance of their teachers.

    Active Learning:

    It is universally acknowledged that when students are engaged in active learning, the outcomes are effective and visible. Lesson Planning is a crucial process wherein teachers carefully design learning activities that ensure that their talk time is limited to less than 25% of the lesson time. More than 75% of the lesson time is dedicated to collaboration by students in groups, pairs and individually. Teacher here is a facilitator who steers the discussion, presentations and student findings towards intended learning outcomes. Without inhibitions, students put forth their ideas and arrive at consensus more often than respectful disagreements! The preparation which students have to put in before their classroom discussion ensure that students develop research and organization skills in the process.

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    21st Century Skills:

    We are living in a world which is ruled by digital technology. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are already creating ripples in majority of industries and millions of jobs are going to be replaced by robots sooner than we think. Need of the hour is that we teach our students the most important skill a machine can never imitate or pick up, ‘common sense’. Common sense is the foundation of greater skills of humans which have now systematically evolved in the 21st century. Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are the skills that are integral to the content and teaching learning activities at GIIS Dubai. The lesson plans have elements where teachers highlight which of these skills are being developed irrespective of the subject and content the students are learning.

    Equal Opportunity for All:

    One of the common reasons as to why students at time fail to realize their potential is lack of opportunity in their schools. In the adults world, it is an accepted fact that ‘the fit survives’ however, for children a conscious effort has to be made to ensure that everyone has opportunities to succeed. Unlike the usual practice of directly choosing the best, GIIS Dubai believes in creating an enabling environment. Be it the inter school competition, inter house competition, assembly presentation – every student has an equal opportunity of being able to represent their class, house or school at the intra and inter school events. Fair and transparent selection processes pave the way for everyone to play on a level field. While the most deserving one may get selected, the opportunity availed by everyone else helps them to learn from the best and adapt so that they make it to the top spot when the next opportunity presents itself.

    9 GEMS Holistic Education:

    Overarching everything that we do at GIIS Dubai is the 9 GEMS Holistic Education Framework. Taking into account all that is necessary for creating a well-rounded individual, this framework helps us cater to the learning needs of students from grades 1 and above. Structured programmes around digital and performing arts, creativity, innovation, leadership entrepreneurship and more act as catalysts to nurturing our students into Global Citizens.

    Sustainable Programmes for Maximum Impact:

    To support the vision of becoming a role model for teaching and learning, GIIS Dubai has sustainable programmes that lead to maximum impact in a student learning journey with us.

    Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

    GCIE, as we call it, is a centre dedicated to developing innovative and entrepreneurial skills among our students. Innovative thinking is encouraged and nurtured through yearlong time tabled activities within and outside classrooms on design thinking, problem solving through quality circles and Ideation Wall which poses weekly challenges to students to come out with ‘out of the box’ ideas. Robotics and advanced programming skills form an integral part of GCIE which also serves as a ‘Makers Space’ for students. Any student with an idea for a product can deliberate, discuss and transform that idea into a working product using the tools and material available at the GCIE. ‘Qutuhal’ or curiosity is an integral part of GCIE that nurtures the spirit of questioning among students. Questioning as to how things work or is there a better way to do something or how can we solve this problem are the first steps towards developing innovative mindset among students.


    Entrepreneurship Curriculum @ GIIS Dubai:

    A structured and age appropriate entrepreneurship curriculum implemented through sustained activities paves the way enterprising abilities among students. The entrepreneurship boot camp organized from time to time for senior grade students culminates in a Management Style 3 day intensive programme wherein students pitch their ‘start up’ ideas to judges from industry and investment backgrounds.

    The curriculum is integrated within various scholastic and co scholastic subjects and adopts a multidisciplinary approach. Besides classroom activities, a variety of scheduled activities such as bake sale, garage sale, business plan making, banking activities lead to development of enterprising spirit among students.

    Leadership Curriculum @ GIIS Dubai:

    It goes without saying that leadership is the most impactful thing in the world. While the intellect and hard work of millions of people do play a significant role in creating world class organizations, it is the leadership which is responsible for transforming even the most average performing organization into a world class one.

    Leadership development is inherent in the programmes offered at GIIS Dubai. Besides the regular classroom activities, specific programmes like Global Student Exchange, Global Student Summit, Special Assembly Presentations, Community and Environment Initiatives and many more ensure that students are constantly provided opportunity for taking the lead with responsibility to launch projects that make a difference to the world they live in. Students often present their projects at national and international level events and competitions thereby learning from the others and getting their work recognized at larger platforms.


    After School Activities and Day Care:

    School day is limited and there is only so much that can be done! Which is why GIIS Dubai offers a variety of after school activities – some paid and some free to students. Be it the football, Robotics, Instrumental Music, Contemporary Dance or elocution, the after school activities help students learn these skills from the comfort of the school. During the COVID 19 Pandemic, more than 15 activities have been offered to students over a period of 5 months daily.

    We understand that some parents need a safe and caring environment for their children before they reach home by evening. The Day Care facility offered at GIIS Dubai caters to the needs of such parents. A dedicated place with comforts and all safety protocols in place, students play, learn and rest till it is time for them to go home.


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