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    GIIS Resilience Scholarship - supporting education in hard times

    Melissa Maria
    April 28, 2020

    There are a number of good international schools in Singapore but still there are many deserving students who cannot avail outstanding educational facilities because of the cost factor.

    A student who has ambition and the matching talent to receive the best education should be provided all means to accomplish his dream. It is the role of an educational institution to recognise the talented students and provide them with financial assistance and a stepping stone to build their future.

    The same is the motive behind launching the GIIS Resilience Scholarship 2020, that offers a helping hand to students whose families’ income have been affected due to COVID-19 pandemic. GIIS understands that there are many deserving students whose family income might get affected by the economic crisis as an outcome of COVID-19, and to help them continue receiving the best of education, the school is offering Resilience Scholarship.


    The GIIS Resilience Scholarship recognises the fact that students who are deserving should not compromise on the quality of education so that their talent is optimised to maximum.

    Benefits of Resilience Scholarship

    • Financial support

    The Resilience Scholarship offers SGD 15,000 of relief on yearly fee for the next four years. Any students who has been studying in an international school in Singapore for at least one year and whose family income is affected due to COVID, can apply for the Resilience Scholarship. GIIS is a moderate fee school that believes in extending quality education to students from all backgrounds. This scheme will ensure that the families of deserving students enjoy a seamless educational journey for the next four years in an International school with Nextgen campus and excellent academic records.

    • Opportunity to continue education in Singapore

    Analysis shows that the income of the expatriate families in Singapore will be hugely affected as an aftermath of COVID-19. In such situation, many families might have to take the dire step of sending the children back to their home country for continuing the education. GIIS Resilience Scholarship is there to lend a helping hand to such families and help them stay together. Students of such expat families can apply for Resilience Scholarship and join GIIS to continue their education in one of the top international schools in Singapore without being burdened with high tuition fees.

    • World class education

    Resilience Scholarship will offer the student a chance to study in a K-12 school with world-class educational facilities. They can select a curricula of their choice from - IB Primary Years Programme, IB Diploma Programme, Cambridge Lower Secondary, IGCSE and CBSE. Excellent skill-development facilities like Culinary Lab, Radio Studio, TV Studio, Design and Tech Studio, Graphic Design Studio and collection of over 40 such skill-based labs will equip them with 21st century skills.

    • Peace of mind

    Students who are selected for Resilience Scholarship can avail the financial benefits for up to four years without having to worry for the next academic session. After four years, the deserving student can apply for another scholarship from the diverse categories of scholarships available at GIIS.

    • Recognition

    Scholarship indicates that the student is truly deserving and is recognised among the peers as being a sharper and smarter student. A scholar student also gets preference at the time of admission in universities. The scholar also enjoys an edge over other candidates while applying for a job.

    GIIS believes in ‘no child left behind’ policy and offers a number of other scholarships that are cut out for students with talent in academics and extracurricular activities. The scholarships are:

    GIIS Resilience 2020 Scholarship has been introduced to support expatriate families economically affected by the present COVID-19 situation and recognise meritorious students who deserve an equal opportunity through financial assistance.

    Click here to apply for the scholarship now.

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