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    How GIIS cultivates a spirit of winning

    November 2, 2017

    At GIIS, we work to provide our students with an educational platform that sets them up for success. We define success as more than just good academic grades. We want our students to develop the life skills and fortitude to succeed in life. As such, we have redefined what it means to "win," so our students find success, satisfaction and fulfillment in their future lives.

    We have already discussed how we interpret the definition of success, but now we want to take a closer look at how GIIS does this in a practical way. Here are some of the ways we set our students up to be winners, both in and out of the classroom.

    1. Bringing Ethics and Morality to the Classroom

    Through our holistic curriculum, our students study the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and other peaceful world leaders alongside their regular academic work. We don't simply ask our students to study the works of these great teachers in an individual unit of study, but rather weave their teachings into our full curriculum. Throughout every subject area, students are also taught to value community, provide respect to others and encourage peace in the world.

    1. Creating a Sense of Purpose

    In order to have a winning spirit, students need to feel significant in the lives of others. We help create an atmosphere where students feel significant by helping them have a sense of purpose. We encourage students to take part in projects and activities that have a lasting impact on their local community and the larger world, helping them to have this sense of significance and purpose.

    1. Measuring Happiness

    Winning isn't possible without happiness. That's why at GIIS we measure happiness through the Happiness Index. Each year we perform a survey to check the happiness quotient of our students, and if they are not happy, we take measures to change.

    1. Giving Back to the Community

    Far more important than a high GPA is a student who develops into an adult with compassion. We support many green initiatives and projects that help protect and heal the environment, and our students are active players in these activities. This gives them a further sense of purpose while also helping understand their own significance in this large world we all share.

    1. Adding in Academics

    Academics are part of the spirit of winning we cultivate at GIIS, and our students rise to the challenge. Because they are being challenged to grow and develop in other areas too, our students have the tenacity to perform well academically. We have earned over 80 national and international awards for our innovation and excellence in education in less than 15 years, and our test scores speak for themselves.

    At GIIS, our goal is for our students to be winners. By redefining what it means to "win," and then providing an educational environment that cultivates this version of success, we can provide our students with a bright, successful future.

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