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    Innovation is just the start, Entrepreneurship is only the beginning

    GIIS Team
    March 29, 2018

    Out of the box thinking is what Innovation is all about. And turning that innovation into product of repute is Entrepreneurship. For example, a student can have a brilliant idea of building a helmet that can record thoughts, but selling this idea into a practical product will require a different talent altogether.

    The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is firmly dedicated to encouraging creativity in students, cultivating in them a drive to think big and, ultimately, grooming them to be confident enough to present their creativity to the world. This initiative will get a bigger boost at the GIIS SMART Campus in Punggol, which will have more facilities and better infrastructure at its disposal, to enable students to excel as innovators and entrepreneurs.

    Our Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be the right space and platform to do the same.

    Robotics Education

    GIIS has long recognised the benefits of integrating technology into a classroom. Furthermore, we know that technology can successfully engage and inspire even the youngest of schoolchildren. Robots are a case in point. Ever since they were invented and introduced around the globe, robots have captured the imagination of all and sundry in many different ways. In fact, we have robots in every sphere of our existence, in big and small ways. They answer phone calls, they reply to online queries, they recognise individuals and they even guard our homes.

    Through our recently introduced a new program, GIIS is using robots to instil a sense of innovation and excitement in our students. Taking a hands-on approach to learning, we have introduced star characters Dash, the Robot and Giro, the Robot to our students who interact with them on a weekly basis.



    Dash and Giro teach children about everything from coding and sequencing to the different ways to stabilise and power a robot. In the end, each student designs, builds, and decorates an original robot using paper cups, sketch pens, a battery, and a motor. The response to this programme is tremendously positive as our students look forward to this interaction each week.

    The idea is to encourage innovation in our children through such programmes.

    Entrepreneurship Bootcamps

    The next step in this journey is to encourage them to aim high. Having a great idea will reach its true potential and to fruition once it is implemented and loved by all. For that, an innovator needs to be enterprising enough to convince the world, that his idea is worth investing in.



    Our Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE) conducts regular Entrepreneurship Bootcamps for students between 14 and 18 years of age, with this very goal in mind.

    Providing a platform that both recognises and reinforces student development, GCIE Entrepreneurship Bootcamps provide students with comprehensive training in the fields of entrepreneurism and general business practices. These Bootcamps take young entrepreneurs through every stage of startup development from the conception and ideation stage to the contacting and pitching of ideas to potential investors.

    Students who have participated in GCIE Entrepreneurship Bootcamps report increased confidence as well as knowledge. They leave the program as far more effective and convincing speakers, who will be able to manoeuver through the business world with a focused vision and relevant communication skills.

    Like entrepreneur and angel investor Jayesh Parekh said at an event to our students recently: “If there is a bug inside you to live life on your own terms, entrepreneurship is for you. If you take risks, go ahead and do it.”




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