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    Making students future-ready through Global Montessori Plus Programme

    Rema Rajiv
    October 11, 2019

    Today’s world is fast-moving and technical. Over the last 70 years, innovations have changed the way we look at education. To make our young students ready for the future, the Global Montessori Programme for GIIS kindergarten has been customised and infused with contemporary insights into learning mechanisms to make it a springboard for  21st century learning.

    Pioneered by GIIS, this international level pre-school curriculum rests on five pillars that provides our pre-schoolers with a strong foundation in their student life. The five pillars are – Excelerate Programme, that focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, Multi-Faceted Learning that concentrates on learning strategies, ICARE Programme that is designed to foster an appreciation of our planet and community, IPLAY Programme, focussed on providing the right play environment to students and the Future-Ready pillar that gives the students a head start into the key disciplines of 21st century.

    The aim of Future-Ready pillar is to inculcate an awareness for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), developing an awareness and understanding of these arenas, which lead to an enhanced grasp of processes and logic as the kindergarteners progress towards a studying these topics as part of a curriculum.

    An array of activities are unfolded to cover multiple aspects of future-readiness through individual projects and group studies.

    Main activities under the future-Ready Programme include:

    Robotics – playing with simple robot kits fosters better learning outcomes and sharpens cognitive development – an essential precursor to digital literacy and 21st-century thinking.

    STEM kits – these intriguing snap-together kits are used independently of teacher interference and develop nonlinear thinking and creative solution finding that often give rise to ingenious and out-of-the-box thinking.

    iPads – being used not only for fun and entertainment but more purposely for educational purposes. Games such as MAZE develop lateral thinking and problem-solving skills.

    Contest like Weave-a-Tale and HiQ -  Through participation in story-telling contests and quiz, kindergarteners take their first step towards developing communication and collaboration, the characteristics of the 21st century learning.

    The Global Montessori Programme at GIIS is composed to merge seamlessly into the more structured learning experience of Grade 1. The thoughtfully designed framework does not only focus at orienting the students with digital skills but also grooms them for smart interaction with their fellow classmates, innovative thinking and confidence to take the leap in the bigger world.

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