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    Making your Preschooler More Expressive

    Rema Rajiv
    January 29, 2021

    If your child seems shy compared to other children at preschool or in your family, you may be concerned about whether this is normal. Some children are more expressive than others. Parents and teachers can work together to bring out the best in young learners at preschool.

    Providing a nurturing, engaging environment fosters creativity and communication, especially in early childhood. Well-versed in child development, preschools take proactive steps to help children develop the confidence to be themselves.

    How Preschools Encourage Children to Express Themselves

    Seasoned teachers use a variety of strategies to engage their students:

    • Providing platforms to speak out - Teachers provide a plethora of opportunities for children to express themselves in ways that are most comfortable to them. They create a supportive environment for children to speak out, like placing them in smaller groups for activities and meals. Students who are otherwise quiet in a larger group may be more inclined to express themselves during these times. During story time, teachers keep asking questions about the book and how students can relate to it, shy students are encouraged to speak up.
    • Allowing unstructured play - Play motivates young children to use their growing communication skills. As they choose which toys to play with, they are inspired to talk with their teachers and peers. By giving flexibility to the child to make decision regarding what they want to play with, teachers boost the confidence of the child, making them more expressive.

      GIIS KIndergarten
      GIIS Preschool students enjoying free play time
    • Cultivating creativity - Students who are less apt to engage in conversation may be more likely to express themselves through drawing, painting or dancing. At this age, students also like to take on the roles of adults through make-believe play, and thus teachers plan a number of role-play activities where the child is bound to communicate with peers.

    • Modelling respect - Teachers recognise the value of each child by setting a respectful tone. They seek to connect with each child and provide encouragement even for small efforts. Acknowledging every child and speaking to the class in a natural, conversational way can boost children's confidence and inspire even timid students to express themselves.

    Ms Punam Maheshwari, a parent of a GIIS preschool student, shares her views in this video on how GIIS kindergarten helped her son become more confident and sensitive to surroundings. Watch here:


    What Can Parents Do to Help Their Preschool Children Be More Expressive?

    Here are some tips to bring your preschool child out of his or her shell.

    • Encourage your child's artistic side - Give your child plenty of opportunities for creative expression — through painting, drawing, dancing, making up stories and anything else you can think of.

    preschool at GIISAt GIIS Preschool students enjoy ample of art & craft activities

    • Talk about thoughts and emotions - Discuss emotions with your child and model healthy ways to express them. Ask your child questions and encourage her to be curious and to communicate her ideas.
    • Praise your child - Praise your child for expressing himself in constructive ways. Show interest when your child wants to talk about something and keep the conversation as positive as possible.
    • Give them choices - Gradually introduce children to the idea of choice. Toddlers can pick which toy to play with. Preschoolers can begin to choose what clothing they'd like to wear.

    How the GIIS Preschool Programme Encourages Children to Express Themselves

    Our early childhood Global Montessori Plus programme (GMP), is designed to support children's developing personalities. Resting on five pillars, the award-winning programme is designed in such a way that it offers a transformational experience to preschoolers and enhances their personality to be more communicative and confident.

    Multifaceted learning, is an important pillar of GMP, that recognised the individuality of each child by using a multifaceted approach to nurture all aspects of development. Interactive activities like exchange programme with preschoolers in other GIIS campuses and events like weave-a-tale offer public speaking opportunity to even the most shy kids.

    preschool GIISJPGGIIS Preschool students in virtual interaction with peers at other GIIS campus

    iPlay, another pillar of our GMP programme, creates an environment where children can learn and collaborate through play. Being able to choose what and whom to play with develops confidence, independence and socio-emotional skills.

    Our caring teachers are incredibly patient with every student. They take the time to draw out children who are less forthcoming, giving them as many opportunities as possible to speak up and express themselves.

    To learn more about how your child can flourish at GIIS preschool, read i detail about our Global Montessori Plus Programme. Click here.


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