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    Preparing Children for Primary school

    Most of the primary schools in Singapore start in January and a big number of tiny tots take their first step towards a big school around this time. Preparing children for primary school is an onus on the parents and as they want their kids to have an enjoyable learning experience at school.

    Longer school hours, larger class size, more subjects to study and multiple activities to perform are some of sudden changes that are introduced in a child’s life as they start primary school. What’s it that parents can do to make their child’s experience smoother and full of good memories?

    Prepare your child for primary school with these tips:

    Prepare the child for longer hours – for most of the children who start primary school new, spending longer hours in school and starting the day earlier than their usual routine feels like a disruption. Parents should start preparing children for this change in advance by changing their bed time and putting them in activities that call for longer hours of engagement. Look for workshops and holiday programmes which start early in the day and extend till late afternoon, this will give the child a hang of staying in a regimented environment for longer hours.

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    Share your own experience – talking out to the child about your own experience when you started primary school will give them the comfort that this new experience is something that all of us have to go through. Share small tips like how to find way in the new campus, how to be safe in school bus, how to make new friends and what to do if they feel bullied. Make interesting stories out of these scenarios and narrate them to your child so that they can relate to challenging situations which they might face during initial days.

    Do attend the orientation session – orientation sessions offer a great opportunity for you and your child to acclimatise with the school environment, so do make it a point to attend the session with your child. Looking at the new classroom, play facilities, library and cafeteria, your child be lured and feel more excited about the first day at school. A prior meeting with the teacher will put your child at ease and reduce their fear prepare you and your kid with the kind of interaction to look forward to.

    Do’s and Don’ts of preparing children for primary school

    1. Of course, you are worried as to how your little one will manage alone in the bigger world, but don’t let your child know about this anxiety. Sound very excited about the new beginning and give assurance all will go well.
    2. Involve your child in preparation for the school, let them choose their new accessories and feel excited about the new beginning.
    3. Remind them that they are big enough and can independently handle the new situation.
    4. Talk good about the school that he/she is going to. Show them the school website, pictures and activity pictures and

    Most of the primary schools in Singapore are well-prepared to offer a smooth transition to new joiners. Assigning of buddies, early dismissal during first few days, fun games and various other activities are planned to offer an enjoyable start to the students.

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    At GIIS, more than hundreds of students start Grade 1 in January and enjoy a great settling-in experience. With a stream lined on-boarding process in place and buddies to take care of new peers, the students have a great start to their primary school.

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