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    Progressive Transformation through Technology in Kindergarten

    Liju Blessen
    December 16, 2020


    Technology today has changed the way we work. I would like to agree with Albert Einstein when he quoted "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." — Albert Einstein. 

    This progressive transformation spell has touched our kindergarteners in an impressive way.

    Especially, in the present scenario where their lives have undergone a drastic change. Suddenly, their live friends and live school have become e-school and e-friends. Technology has completely changed the format of schooling for kindergarteners. Their little hands which were gaining fine motor control are now backdated. One of the fears parents often bring up in relation to children and technology is the concern that they are exposed to it too early. Many experts have chimed in trying to define an ideal age at which to allow children to use technology, but it seems to be difficult to agree on how early is too early to get started. However, forcing children to start later than their peers is anachronistic and may put them at a disadvantage: if the use of technology is completely banned from their lives until after their formative years, they will be digital immigrants in a generation of digital natives.

    The reasons why it might be beneficial to reach a compromise between the need to preserve the children’s health and the increasing necessity of keeping them up to date with the latest technologies are that they become confident, their learning becomes more exciting, interesting and challenging. 

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    The approach of different learning apps and websites have opened up a commendable sync in their learning module. Their attention span is not an issue any more and it also prepares them for an inevitable surrounding.

    This eases the burden on teachers, who can free up some time to give individual attention to those who need it while the rest of the class moves ahead or stays behind as much as they require.

    If as teachers and parents we limit their screen time and show them the appropriate way to interact with technology, they will learn by imitation and have their first taste of healthy tech habits and Internet security, which will stay with them for life and make them better users in the future.

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    Moreover, technology does not have to be a solitary pursuit that involves staring at a screen all the time: if one sets up the classroom with the intent of the devices being shared, children will learn tech and collaborative skills as they can work in group apps

    Technology in early childhood education is both possible and beneficial, but it must be done wisely. If implemented correctly, the use of technology from an early age can boost a child's academic and social success, but achieving such high goals requires careful guidance from adults in their surrounding and most importantly by modelling a good example for children to emulate.


    Liju Blessen

    Teacher at Kindergarten

    GIIS Dubai


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