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    Virtual Classrooms at GIIS Dubai

    Mohana Kelkar
    April 23, 2020
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    Most of the highways are deserted, roads empty, engines silent but the information highway, knowledge exchange, learning channels and of course the neural pathways are flowing at full speed, full throttle. A paradigm shift from physical classrooms to virtual was a shock still to be fully absorbed by the education fraternity around the world and UAE is not exception.

    At Global Indian International Schools around the world we keep the pace and yet quality of learning is at the top of the table. Best minds coming together. Cross campus knowledge exchange is at the core. Under the guidance of the smart campus Singapore, the transition from actual to virtual continues to get better by the passing day.WhatsApp Image 2020-04-07 at 10.49.36 AM (1)

    Even though temporary, suddenly the sprawling campuses and infra structure are irrelevant. Learning is at prime and teachers and educators have finally realized that schools are children and not the building. GIIS is mindful of the quantity and quality of content dispensed.

    Our award winning GMP for early years is a foundation year’s program which integrates the Montessori with international best practices. During E-learning the balance between the number of hours that the students spend in front of the screen Vis a Vis activities is mindfully planned. Students are enjoying the sessions and parents are getting increasing less concerned about the same. Elementary and Middle school section students have a good mix of recorded and live online sessions. Robotics, Makers space dance, music and art never stop and creativity is the essence to strike that balance of all work and no play. Our Physical education instructors are rolling out tips to keeping fit in the WFH for all.


    Global schools foundation makes it their priority to strike the mindfulness in the virtual lessons. Learning has a changed definition, in reality it had changed long back but blame it on COVID-19 it changed for everyone in a jiffy. Leaders at the helm of GSF organization are well changing the status quo and an entire culture to prioritize long-term digital transformation it is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube on a roller coaster.

    Join us for our online classes for a day at the digital campus of GIIS, Dubai.

    Mohana Kelkar

    Head of Admissions

    Global Indian International School, Dubai


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