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    Social and emotional learning is an integral part of everyday school life

    Melissa Maria
    February 11, 2019




    A successful adult is born not just of book learning, but from a child who has been taught important social and emotional lessons. These lessons empower their decision-making skills, their ability to work with others and their understanding of themselves. Learning environments that nurture these students weave social-emotional learning into their daily lessons, laying the foundation for these students to mature into capable adults, ready to accomplish their dreams.

    At GIIS SMART Campus, our teachers use a well-regarded, integrated approach, focusing on building these important skills in our curriculum. These lessons help assure us that when our students leave our school premises, they have the tools needed to deal with challenges arising in the next phase of their life.

    What we know about the importance of social and emotional learning

    Education researchers have long looked for ways to better understand what helps certain students succeed while others struggle. They have found that social-emotional learning plays a critical role.  

    Students who engage in social-emotional lessons become more engaged with their schoolwork. They realise that learning can be fun, thereby transforming them into life-long learners.

    These students become better citizens, benefiting their local communities. They engage in positive social behaviour and have the preparation they need to succeed on the global stage.

    The types of social and emotional learning we nurture

    According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, five main types of social-emotional learning exist.

    Self-awareness: This describes the ability of a student to recognise the impact of their emotions and their thoughts on how they behave. It also refers to the ability of the child to understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Self-management: In this category, we place the ability of the student to regulate their own stress and emotions, as well as manage their own impulses.

    Social awareness: This refers to the ability of the student to feel and show empathy for people from different backgrounds.

    Relationship skills: These skills refer to the ability of the student to nurture positive relationships and to empathise with people from a variety of different backgrounds.greenary

    Responsible decision making: The ability of the student to make good decisions about their own behaviour. This decision making includes examining their own well-being as well as that of others, demonstrating an understanding of social norms, and grasping the various consequences and outcomes that might arise as a result of these  actions.

    How our students absorb these lessons

    At GIIS SMART Campus, we know that children need practice with these skills throughout the day and in various situations to ensure they grasp the lesson. Therefore, we work to integrate these skills into the lessons we teach.

    We work to help students learn life skills, including placing an emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. Students receive encouragement regarding group projects and the division of tasks. During class discussions, guidance helps them better express themselves, practice listening to their peers, and engage each other in conversation. By actively listening and responding to what others say, they build their communication skills.

    Through our international focus, students receive ample opportunities to learn about other cultures and how to nurture positive relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds.

    chefFinally, our students gain numerous opportunities to take the lead regarding their interests in particular subjects.

    Through these lessons, students learn more about themselves, positive interaction, and how to build relationships. Our students leave GIIS prepared to enter the world, ready to reach for their dreams and become well-rounded, successful adults.



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