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    The Innovative Architectural Elements of the GIIS SMART Campus

    Designed for 21st-century learning, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus in Punggol is built around an innovative “nest” concept that creates a safe and nurturing environment while allowing ample natural light and air to flow freely through all interior spaces. The structures on the SMART Campus also stress the importance of green living and environmental responsibility, using the latest in sustainable building materials and energy efficient operating systems.

    Employing a Groundbreaking “Nest” Design

    Copy of Copy of GIIS_Punngol_2018-05-09-13-32-29 (4)The “nest” concept that underlies the GIIS SMART Campus blends distinctive architectural design with the latest in sustainable technology. Drawing inspiration from lives of birds, the international SMART Campus architectural team looked at the ways in which these animals are nurtured before they venture out into the world on their own. The final GIIS SMART Campus design reflects similar values. Whether inside or out, students on the GIIS SMART Campus will be gently nurtured in surroundings that breathe with living vibrancy.

    SMART Campus architects played skillfully with elements of shadow and depth to mirror the natural contours of a bird’s nest. These efforts, in turn, shaped the building’s massive external windows to help reduce unwanted heat and glare. Exterior terracotta tiles that emulate the texture of twigs take the “nest” concept to its full realisation.

    Utilising the Latest in Green Materials

    Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 12.24.22 PMDesigned with an eye on the concerns of the future, the GIIS SMART Campus was built using the latest in environmentally responsible construction materials from Japan. For example, the canopy covering the main GIIS “nest” is composed of ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene): a unique substance that is defined by its high levels of corrosion resistance and its ability to withstand wide-ranging temperature fluctuations. In addition to its green properties, this patterned material is gently translucent, allowing it to bathe interior spaces in natural sunlight.

    Setting the Stage for Effective Academic Growth

    Located near a major highway within a thriving urban setting, the GIIS SMART Campus stresses convenience and accessibility for students and faculty alike. The hustle and bustle of this environment, however, isn’t always conducive to quiet contemplation and study. The protective “nest” design of the GIIS SMART Campus insulates students from outside noise and distraction.

    Safety and Security While Preparing for the Future

    blogThe GIIS SMART Campus will nurture your “baby birds” in a supportive yet challenging environment, while gently preparing them to spread their wings and fly.

    The multiple layers of safety, including facial recognition technology, turnstiles, CCTV cameras and the traditional security guards stationed round the clock at the main gate, will ensure that the students are secure in their surroundings.