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    Three tips on looking for a school in Singapore

    GIIS Team
    January 10, 2020

    Singapore is renowned for its education system. The nation is home to many private and public schools. Public schools are overseen by the Ministry of Education where seats are limited for  foreign students. Most children of expats attend private international schools.

    If you are relocating to Singapore and wondering how to provide the best education for your child, here are some tips you can keep in mind: 


    A variety of curricula are available for students at the early childhood, primary and secondary school levels, including:

    Both local and expat students pay fees to attend public/private schools and rates increase each year. Private education is more costly, so parents should research well to ensure that the school is accredited and offers quality programmes.

    Holistic Development

    An approach that supports the overall development of students through academic and non-academic pursuits is best suited for a child. This is essential as in our increasingly global society, students must be able to live and work among diverse populations. An authentic school environment is one that celebrates cultural differences whilst fostering healthy communication skills and socio-emotional development.robotics (1)

    The faculty should be varied in their qualifications and subject areas, including non-academic experts in skills based education, performing arts, sports and universal values. Understanding the challenges expatriate children face, international school teachers create a welcoming environment which empower students to reach their highest potential. 

    Connections to Universities

    Schools that are well-connected to universities are optimally-positioned to prepare secondary students to meet the high admissions standards of prestigious tertiary institutions. Find out how many graduates go on to university and to which institutions they secure acceptance. Schools that offer a rigorous, holistic approach are especially likely to nurture graduates who are admitted to the world's top universities.

    In Singapore, your child can obtain a first-rate education for a moderate fee. Looking at the price tag alone is not enough to determine whether a particular school will be suitable. To best prepare students to meet the demands of a complex, 21st-century society, a school should provide a well-rounded, multicultural education that puts them on track to thrive in all areas of life.

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