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    The Game to develop ‘True Global Citizen’ - Critical thinker & Values Driven

    Amol Vaidya
    May 20, 2020

    There is one thing which is unique to mankind and it sets the man apart from all creations in the world – Capacity to think and imagine.

    The fast evolving human being, especially when pushed by his own creation, the technology, therefore must keep this ability finely tuned to the future and present. It is therefore important that he refines this ability continuously.

    Global Schools promise to develop the ‘Able Citizens of future, who are true global citizens. 

    When faced with any adversity or faced with unsolicited, unusual situation we always instinctively work on keeping it under our control by trying to understand it.

    If we were to analyse how the power of thinking and imagination translates in real life under different circumstances we will observe that all of us go thru one of the four stages in our response to situation.


    1. Choice – Vikalpa in Hindi
    2. Day dreaming – Kalpana in Hindi
    3. Talent driven – Pratibha in Hindi – driven by our acquired skills
    4. Feelings – Bhavana in Hindi – guided by our feelings

    Let me elaborate further the above four response mechanisms.

    1. Freedom of choice – (Vikalpa) the first reaction against any problematic situation is to immediately look for choices to overcome the situation. This is the first response. The response is purely based on survival instinct.
    2. Day Dreaming – (Kalpana) as soon as we explore the choices the second reaction is of day dreaming when we imaging the best or the worst and the mind goes from hope to despair repeatedly . This is the time when our thinking is most fickle and keeps on changing from time to time.
    3. Talent Driven – (Pratibha) – this is the most calibrated and calculated response type purely based on acquired skills which are perfected and kept up-to-date by constant practice.
    4. Feelings (Bhavana) – feeling of despair, fear is there in all animals. But there are certain feelings which guide human beings which are purely his imagination. They are unique to humans. Take feelings like goodness, prestige, empathy, compassion, benevolence, charity. These values or feelings are figments of man’s imagination.

    What is important to note is the feelings of the doer will decide how others look at your talents. Going down your dreams and choices are defined by the feelings and talent acquired by you.


    In Global School we put a strong emphasis on developing the right feelings through practice of Heartfulness and through programs like iCARE. 

    The skills are then better honed in the various activities of GCIE, thru QC initiatives and various clubs that the children have access to. Week end and evening activities strengthen the skills further.

    The future Global Citizen has to nurture the right feelings and these feelings will provide the compass and direction to the talent driven efforts of the child.

    They say ‘Rome was not built in a day’. At Global School we promise a process through which the child develops into an empathetic person who is also extremely skillful to add value to his life and in the life of people around him. Truly ‘Global Citizens’.



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