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    Urbanisation and Child Development

    Jyotsna Ragade
    October 4, 2020


    We are finally getting some proper learning put down on the table for our children! That is the positive feeling every practitioner feels when their online classroom occupants have their ‘a-ha’ moments. Human challenges and opportunities are limitless in cities. The urban skyline is thick with emerging challenges for the very young citizens of any nation-our children. They are the most susceptible strata of our societies during economic disasters or natural calamities. Therefore, is it justified for the practitioner to experience that ‘sit-back-down’ feeling?

    It is necessary to create innovative procedures to reach out to each child and help them keep a-pace with every fast-changing education vista and extremely dynamic environment around them. Our Earth being the urbanizing planet it is; there is a need for continuous cohesion between societies, communities and the authorities. Sounds euphonious truly! So how can we make this work?

    Foremost is the Personal, Social development of a child that needs to be addressed. If, at home the child does not get any support in these two prime development areas, the school, the community can assist by providing unending support by means of free education, resources, nutrition and facilities. Problems and solutions converge in the cityscape. It is like a tournament where every situation creates the upper-hand for either the problem or for the solution playing as opponents. Problems could range from transport to climate conversion and poverty. Using technology to resolve these problems will go a long way to aid child development. They will get better nutrition, learn more appropriately and be strong successors of the present generations. UNICEF follows 7 pillars in its overall strategic plan to help develop children’s future.


    Utilizing the right USPs to get children the best advantages in education means gaining an ‘elevator pitch’ with prospective parents seeking admission for their wards. At GIIS the USP can be best defined as a vision of growth strategies being ‘’Future Ready as we edge into the 21st Century’’. The vision is creating Global students who showcase a sensitivity to the environment in spite of deep advancements in Robotics, access to science and GCIE labs, space sessions, IT labs with a mission to extend balanced and holistic children into the future.

    GIIS Abu Dhabi teaching staff utilizes strategies to enhance parents’ experiences and commit long-term to their child’s ensuing education. Grants and scholarships, financial assistance and international recognition for global skills help the eligible earn deserved seats.

    These strategies have enabled every child to get the best results in board and international assessments, earn coveted universal placements and compete for challenging vocational and career progressions, forever grateful to their Alma mater.     

    As generations step over the threshold the school authorities find ease in addressing the emergent and urgent need to find solutions and take problem-solving literally in our hands, required for infrastructure, human mobility, hazards and pandemics.

    As the child ages out of the formative years there has to be a structured format for education and associated health needs. Safety, security and employment opportunities need to be in place.

    Here, school practitioners play a huge role in being effective orators to communicate necessary health and hygiene or sanitation messages. We have to remember that the parent back home will probably not be in the frame of mind to teach letters and numbers to the child or children if she /he is trying desperately to acquire one square meal a day for the entire family. Practitioners will continue to instruct effectively such that children learn to apply that knowledge and benefit from it. Building a good rapport and getting to know the family and all their sorrows and joys is a wonderful way to blend the urban into the child development.


    Parents are engaged qualitatively and structured engagements in academics aid the child in mental security. Participatory Learning through technology should be the primary concern. Accessibility to all things on the Internet a close second with as many useful tools as possible. We know it is crucial to work with pure pedagogy. Hence staying in the race to keep our young learners well warmed-up and up-to-date with rapidly advanced learning techniques is the need of the hour. The aim here is creating innovation, keeping it in the foreground and not letting poor replicas fester.

    Is it too early to wonder if we have reached enough depths in educating young minds online? Well-timed education is the best investment and pays the highest interest! We practice eloquent education at GIIS!




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