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    5 things that make Singapore Unique

    GIIS Team
    June 10, 2019

    Singapore is a small but prosperous island nation that has a lot to offer when it comes to quality of life and individual growth. Although a little red dot on the world map, the country is very conducive for families and raising kids in a happy and safe environment.

    Here are five things that make Singapore a great place to live and work:

    1. Safe and secure environment – One of the things that is rare to any other country in Asia is the safe and secure environment that the Singapore offers. There is high level of law and order in the country and the punishment and penalties for the pettiest crimes are severe. For families with growing children, the city is a boon as parents don’t have to worry about the safety of children even if they are travelling on their own from one place to other on their own. The country was recently ranked second on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index for 2017, coming in just behind Tokyo.
    2. It’s a haven for foodies - Food is the first love of Singaporeans. Singaporeans love to eat-out and try different Asian cuisines. Most of the households eat all the 3 meals in Hawker Centres located near housing estates and commercial areas. There are more than 110 Hawker Centres in Singapore, selling multi-cultural food like Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Western. Hawker Centres are no-frills eating places that sell affordable food help in community building and intermingling of various cultures. Apart from the Hawker Centres, there are a number of fine-dining and exotic restaurants that break the monotony and offer extraordinary gastronomical experiences.
    3. Singapore has great schooling options – When it comes to schooling in Singapore, the country offers a wide choice. The government owned education system is consistently ranked as one of the highest in the world. It is one of the few countries in the world that has English as the first language of instruction in schools. Due to a large population of expats in Singapore, the country has a number of International Schools with different countries of origin. Parents get a wide choice to select a school that offers a curriculum and pedagogy of their choice.
    1. Ample choice of great housing options – Singapore offers a great choice of housing options. There is something for everyone. Great housing options are available in every size and price category. There are landed houses, government owned affordable apartments, luxurious condominiums and traditional black and white shop houses. One can have varied experiences by staying in different types of housing in various locations in Singapore. Although the country is small, there is no dearth of choice when it comes to variety of housing options.
    1. Plethora of outdoor activities – Although the weather of Singapore is hot and humid, with frequent instances of rain, people love outdoors and there are a number of parks, beaches, reservoirs, hiking trails, zip lines and open recreational areas that provide ample of outdoor fun. It’s a common sight to see families enjoying cycling, jogging, hiking, barbecuing, picnic and other similar activities in and around Singapore. These outdoor spots are well-maintained and offer great amenities. 

    These unique things about Singapore are luring for many expats from neighbouring countries and Western world to make the island city their long-term or short-term home. The smart city of Singapore is an ideal place for kids’ education and inculcating in them Asian values as well as helping them become global citizens of the future.


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