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    GIIS Singapore Multiple Curricula Options

    Traditional Classrooms versus Flexible Classrooms

    Learning in the 21st century must reach beyond traditional classroom walls to prepare students for participation in the ever-evolving global economy. The GIIS SMART Campus incorporates the latest in pedagogical best practices. Small Learning Communities support student-centered learning with an emphasis on building meaningful relationships. When students develop trusting relationships with teachers, teachers are able to tap into the students' strengths and take learning to the next level.

    • Driving Force for Flexible Classroom Configuration

    Our commitment to providing students with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century drives our use of flexible classrooms. Different educational settings found on campus promote the 4Cs — critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

    • 21st Century Skills Require 21st Century Learning Opportunities

    Students collaborate with peers and facilitators in flexible open learning spaces within SLC suites. The design of each SLC is purposeful in its proximity to art, music, language and additional learning studios and laboratories. Large, dedicated Project and Maker spaces invite students to tackle hands-on learning challenges not available in a traditional classroom.

    Less structure encourages open-ended learning, meaning students must find solutions in a way that makes sense to them. The focus on research skills during the formative years creates adults who are life-long learners. Three centres of research excellence are the things of which dreams are made. With focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation and design technology, the sky's the limit as to what students will accomplish.

    Exploring the world of robotics and artificial intelligence in spaces equipped with state-of-the-art learning tools equips students for the jobs of tomorrow.

    • Technology Driven Educational Opportunities Level the Playing Field

    Virtual classrooms connect students with education specialists, universities and industry leaders across the globe. Lecture rooms offer gathering places for large groups to learn from renowned industry leaders. Each classroom can become broadcast ready, creating additional opportunities for our students to explore with students around the world.

    Our smartphone landscape supports students by granting easy access to app-based learning that can be accessed offline. Interactive videos and live streaming videos will be used to support 21st century learning skills. Augmented reality transforms a classroom by adapting content to help students meet personal learning goals.

    Flexible classrooms meet students where they are in their educational journey and allow them to explore in a safe learning environment.

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