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    Virtual Classrooms - learning without limits


    When everything in today’s world is available at the touch of a finger then why should education be left behind?

    Technology has created a number of great opportunities for the world and it is also transforming the way we teach and learn. As technology advances, the requirements and learning preferences of the current generation have also evolved. There is enough evidence to suggest that the digital natives of today exhibit a keener interest in learning if the teaching is backed by technology. With this shift in paradigm, traditional classrooms are evolving into Virtual Classrooms which break the barriers of four walls and sitting in a physical classroom.


    ‘Classrooms of the future’ that educationists and student communities imagined a decade ago are now a reality. With cutting edge technology like high-speed internet and sophisticated video conferencing facilities, the classrooms are no more limited to four walls and learning isn't confined to books and papers.

    Virtual Classrooms are rapidly becoming the order of the day and Global Indian International School is one of the pioneers in adapting this learning methodology in all its campuses around the world.

    At GIIS, every classroom can be converted into a Virtual Classroom where students can join the ongoing lessons from anywhere in the world. Not only that, the entire cohort can connect with a subject matter expert sitting across the world. The best part of Virtual Classroom is that it allows a two-way communication where participants from different location can interact with each other leading to unlimited learning.  

    Here are the ways students benefit from Virtual Classrooms:

    • Uninterrupted learning

    We never know when the world can come to a standstill as it is experiencing now during the crisis caused by the corona virus. In times when social distancing and quarantine are the order of the day, the Virtual Classrooms is the most effective method to ensure that learning continues irrespective of adverse circumstances.

    The Virtual Classroom feature initiated by GIIS is offering unprecedented benefits to almost 11,000 students as the corona virus pandemic makes life stranded for million across the world.

    • Unlimited opportunities

    Using an advanced tool like Virtual Classrooms, students can widen their horizon and reach to a wider world in quest for knowledge without having to travel physically. There is fast, efficient and unlimited transfer of knowledge that is possible through Virtual Classrooms.

    • Collaboration with peers worldwide

    Another benefit of the virtual classroom experience is the ability and opportunity to collaborate with peers from around the globe. Students get different perspectives, learn about different cultures, and can get a glimpse into how fellow students live, how they think, and how they learn.

    The student exchange programme can be a totally new and more enriching experience with the interactive nature of the Virtual Classrooms.

    • Lessons can be recorded


    Lessons conducted in the Virtual classrooms can be recorded and replayed by students to review the material or go through the entire lesson once again. This allows easy access to the material covered even when the student logs in from other locations such as home.

    While there is no denial to the fact that traditional classrooms will forever retain their significance, Virtual Classrooms will build further on the students’ experiences and multiply the benefits that they gain from the  traditional classrooms.

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