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    Facial Recognition in the SMART Campus ensure safety, security!

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    June 14, 2018

    Facial recognition was an idea first explored in the 1960s. It was Captain James T Kirk and his crew of space explorers who were seen to use this technique to access rooms onboard the starship USS Enterprise.

    What was seen as science fiction back then is now a reality. And this high end technology has been replicated in GIIS SMART Campus which has cleverly used the machine not just to mark attendance but also to ensure the safety and security of its students.

    For the 3,500 students on its campus sprawling around 9 acres, the GIIS SMART Campus is a technology-driven environment which will introduce the latest facilities in education and related skill-based training to ensure it benefits them the most. The facial recognition machines outside every classroom is part of that ecosystem which will facilitate their smooth movement between classrooms and mark their attendance every  morning.

    Each child will have their face print identification carried out in the school, which means once their face print is in the database, they will get access to classrooms. Parents can thus be assured that their child is within the secure confines of the school and the classroom once inside the campus. Each classroom, locked from the inside, will also provide a safe environment for the child to study, learn, image, explore and innovate. 

    Another benefit of the Facial Recognition device is that it open doors to all who are identifiable through the hands-free system. Thus, once the child is inside the classroom, it will be amply clear to the school which class a particular child is attending. This system thus assigns a safety aspect to its duty as it will account for every student on the premises.  It will save teachers time and effort by eliminating the manual marking of attendance. This time can be used for other productive activities.

    This new kind of biometric system, when coupled with the RFID technology in Smart ID cards given to students and CCTV cameras guarding the campus, will also ensure that the student is safe not just in the classrooms but in the campus as well.  The chip in the card will accurately indicate the location of a student in the campus thus making spotting him/her in the huge fairly easy. 

    This kind of technology is being used by multinationals like Facebook, Amazon and many others. Singapore's award winning Changi International Airport is also considering adopting this technology for locating passengers in transit.  

    GIIS SMART Campus thus sits alongside these giants of tech-savvy companies by seamlessly adopting this design to suit its purpose. The ultimate aim is to create an infrastructure that is state-of-the-art, and helps in enhancing the productivity of the students and teachers. Facial recognition software is definitely a smart way of managing safety and security in the SMART Campus.

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