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    Visual and Performing Arts at GIIS

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    November 1, 2017

    In this series of articles, we aim to discuss GIIS pedagogy, 9GEM and to share with you with some examples on how GIIS has ingrained each GEM into the students life across all  campuses, worldwide. The third GEM is "Visual and Performing Arts".


    A Tooney Journey
    The second Annual Day for our Kindergarten 1 students featured the musical “A Tooney Journey”. Our Kindergarten choir welcomed the gathering with a melodious song. Then the most awaited part, the musical, “A Tooney Journey” unfolded where everyday cartoon characters came alive through our tiny tots who danced as Powerpuff Girls, Superman, Dora and many more as they took us all to their dream and fantasy land.

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. With this thought Kindergarten 2 students performed their second Annual Day Melange. The highlight was the musical “Dreamzzz” – a beautiful tale of a little young girl named Jessie who, after reading the book Alice In Wonderland, dreamt that she goes through a similar adventure as Alice and meets a ship full of pirates, visits jungle tribes, a Cowboy Town, meets a Prince and Princess and finally, gets to meet Aladdin and Jasmine.
    Next morning, when she wakes up, she sees the rainbow and its happy dance. The musical ends with an enjoyable note when Jessie plays with her friends in the park.

    Magical Journeys
    Every child is an artist, they live in a world of fantasy, imagination and make belief. GIIS Abu Dhabi, lower Primary section celebrated its first Annual Day Melange. The stage was brought to life by the student performances. Class 1 and 2 enacted “Genie and Aladdin’s Magical Journey” while Class 3 to 8 enthralled the audience with their performance “The Glory That Was”, depicting the richness of ancient world through a fiesta of dance with traditional music and skits. This was followed by a welcome song performed by the school choir.


    Rendezvous at the Met
    The Annual Day, Rendezvous at the Met, showcased some riveting performances by our students who exhibited their talents on stage as they presented children’s version of classic tunes. The event stole the hearts of one and all. The students recreated settings which captured the emotions of movie characters and provided a sneak peek into their world. Pretty props accompanying a snap play and dance with a social message greatly enthused the parents. The higher classes put up a splendid show “Mowgli Goes Global”. Dances and songs showcased Mowgli – who took the audience on a journey from being a jungle boy to transforming himself to a true GIISian. The school choir captivated the audience with their soulful rendition of the music.

    Singapore Heritage Festival
    Talented students of GIIS East Coast Campus showcased their various talents at the Singapore Heritage Festival. The students performed choreographed dances, graceful Jugalbandi of Kathak, Odissi and Bharatanatyam and an Odissi dance to an awe-inspiring audience.

    Jhankaar finals
    This interschool dance competition provides a platform for budding and talented dancers to showcase their dancing abilities in different genres of dance like folk, classical and contemporary. The competition was divided into sub-junior, junior, sub-senior and senior categories. There were solo and group performances for each category. The participants were beautifully dressed in their elaborate costumes and kept the audience enthralled and entertained throughout their power-packed performance. Our school dancers showcased spectacular performances and bagged medals in different categories.

    Diwali celebrations
    GIIS East Coast students performed during the Diwali Celebrations at Sree Narayana Mission and at Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre. The Odissi dancers enthralled everyone with their poise, graceful movements, and intricate poses, while the Bengali folk dancers performed with enthusiasm and the infectious energy of the dancers rubbed off on the audience.

    GIIS Jhankaar
    GIIS Jhankaar dance competition provides a platform for students with dancing talents to explore different genres of dance. Students competed with other versatile dance talents and were judged by leading professionals. Participants performed solo and in groups, with styles ranging from Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Bhangra and Rajasthani Ghoomar to Hip-Hop, Jazz, Salsa and Pop. Performances were complemented by rhythmic music, vibrant costumes, and innovative props.

    Global Indian Stars
    Global Indian Stars is an annual multi-level singing competition. In the preliminary auditions, each child performed with a karaoke track. Qualifiers then performed a folk song in the quarter-finals followed by a semi-classical song in the semi-finals. Finalists had to be ready with a classical song, followed by a recent chartbuster song and then undergo a pitch change, rhythm change and a challenge given by the professional musicians on the spot. Budding singers from various schools and institutions competed in three categories, Sub Junior, Junior, and Senior. The judges were veterans in the music industry.

    Celebrating 15 Years of GIIS
    The Global School Awards 2016 was held for the first time and this year’s ceremony also marked the beginning of the 15th anniversary of GIIS. To mark the special occasion, GIIS honored patrons who have been with the school since its early years in addition to students and staff that have demonstrated excellence in their domains. The event staged the presentation of GIIS’ spectacular growth and boom story, and a plan for the future in the form of a high adrenaline video. As part of the ceremony, students from all three campuses also put up a variety of foot-thumping performances. Senior students from GIIS Queenstown Campus presented the grand finale – a retro performance that saw participants dressed in silver mirror dresses and shimmery jumpsuits lined with blue LEDs.

    Dancing like Stars
    In this splendid ceremony, dancers got an opportunity to display their talent. Each performance was unique in its own way and brought forth each artists’ individual and distinctive dance skills, which made the competition tough, leaving the audience and judges spellbound. The competition proved yet again that our students excel in academics as well as in all other fields.


    Colours of expression
    Colours of Expression opened an array of opportunities for students to meet and share their talents at the interschool GIIS Fest 2016. This fest had participation from various schools in Bangalore and various competitions like Group Dance, Group Song, Skit, Fancy Dress, Ad Bag, Elocution, Photography, Digital Painting, Poster Making and Still Life Drawing, to test students’ different skills. Interschool competitions give students the platform to showcase their skills on a larger stage, helping them in learning and development.

    Smiles across miles
    This Annual Day performance was a unique blend of dance, drama, vocal, instrumental and skills which manifested on the grand stage. The theme was “Smiles Across Miles” wherein each student participated in the stage performances and put up an unbelievable show. From exhibiting dance forms from various parts of the world, to performing regional dances from various Indian states. Students also addressed the growing social, economic and climatic concerns in the world. The higher grades students enthralled the audience with their instrumental performance which they created by playing waste materials from construction sites!

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