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    Role of Kindergarten in Preparing Children for Future

    Kindergarten is the foundation of a child’s learning journey. Since a strong start supports the child all along in staying ahead of the learning curve, the pre-schools play a crucial role in preparing the child for future. Especially in today’s time when things are fast moving and new concepts and technologies are emerging rapidly, the child’s thinking and creative ability need to be sharpened since an early age so that he or she can quickly adapt to new changes.

    In last few years the role of Kindergarten has evolved from being a learning centre that teaches reading and writing skills, focusses on developing the cognitive and motor skills of children and prepares them to move on to primary school. No doubt, the pre-schools still have to focus their learning objectives around these goals, but in addition, they also have to augment their teaching approach to start preparing the pre-schoolers for 21st century skills.


    The Global Montessori Plus Programme for GIIS Kindergarten is a very contemporary Programme that is regularly reviewed and refreshed by our expert educators. The Programme stands on five strong pillars, each one designed to nurture future capabilities among children.

    The five pillars of GIIS Kindergarten Programme that prepares children for future are:

    • Future-Ready– As an essential precursor to digital literacy and 21st century skills, pre-schoolers are exposed to Robotics, Coding, STEM based activities and engaged in an array of activities that enhance their logical thinking and grasp of processes.
    • Excelerate – Individualistic focus and accelerated development of children in reading, writing and numeracy skills.
    • iCare – Introduces children to concepts of environmental awareness and community service.
    • iPlay – By providing a conducive play environment and giving students the choice regarding what to play, how to play and whom to play with, they are encouraged to learn independence, team work and decision-making skills.
    • Multi-Faceted Learning– Designed on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, the GIIS preschool Programme recognises the fact that each child has unique interests and flair. An array of activities are conducted with the kindergarten students to gauge their interest and discover their calling.

    GIIS Preschool Programme is an exhaustive programme designed to ensure the future success of every child. The fact that our kindergarten students continue their academic journey in the same school as they graduate from Kindergarten and join Primary 1, also plays an important role in their future success. In a way, the students are groomed to think critically, be creative, collaborate and communicate efficiently from the onset of their learning journey and continue doing so till they pass out Grade 12 and move on to university.


    GIIS Kindergarten teachers are early childhood experts who are completely geared and dedicated towards preparing the young ones to take their first steps into the bigger world.

    To know more about GIIS Kindergarten, check out our webpage.

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