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    Virtual Classrooms: A NextGen learning experience

    GIIS Curator
    May 10, 2018
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    Imagine a classroom where students aren't limited by the four walls that surround them, where learning isn't confined to the books and papers in front of them, and where kids can learn from some of the top experts on the planet.

    Virtual Classrooms are products of such imagination. And Global Indian International School is one of the pioneers in adapting this learning methodology in its SMART Campus.

    These area spaces where students and teachers are not limited by each others geographical boundaries, where learners and instructors can connect using technology, and where peers from either side of the world can collaborate for experiences that are practical and enriching. This is achieved by two main tools: digital technology and student-centric educational practises.

    Technology Creates Opportunity

    It's one thing to read about a groundbreaking new scientific discovery in the news or to watch a video about it; it's quite another to talk to an actual scientist even though he or she lives continents away. The virtual classroom makes it happen.

    Using advanced technology, like the one being used in the GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore, students have the ability to widen their worlds, to push back constraints like physical and economic shortcomings, and progress further than they ever imagined they could go.

    An Immersive Experience

    Virtual connectivity creates an environment that's both safe and immersive, allowing students to travel to distant destinations without ever leaving the confines of the classroom they visit everyday. State-of-the-art technology and equipment, like high-speed internet and iPads at GIIS SMART Campus, makes the journey possible and create a learning opportunity that's like no other.

    Collaboration With International Peers

    Another benefit of the virtual classroom experience is the ability and opportunity to collaborate with peers from around the globe. Students get different perspectives, learn about different cultures, and can get a glimpse into how fellow students live, how they think, and how they learn.

    Smart TVs installed in every classroom at the SMART Campus will be used for such experiences, like watching and participating in the GIIS's Leadership Lecture Series in Dubai while sitting in Singapore.

    Advanced Understanding of Digital Technology

    As they're learning about faraway places and people, students also gain valuable computer and digital skills they need to compete in a 21st century. Practicing with interactive online tools such as Google Suite and shared classrooms sharpen their digital skills and help students master ever-changing technology.

    Using Augmented Reality app is one such tool that will enable interactive learning through internet applications while in classrooms. Augmented figures of human hearts, machinery etc can be studied using this method.

    Ability to Record Classes

    Virtual classes are recorded as they happen, allowing students to revisit them when it's time to brush up and review the material. This allows easy access to the material covered even when the student logs in from other locations such as home.

    Highly Interactive

    Online classes that happen in real time are also highly interactive. Students may have the ability to ask questions and have them answered by the virtual teacher right away. Students from varying cultures and geographic areas have the ability to talk to one another, brainstorm and troubleshoot solutions and ideals.

    The virtual classroom is a classroom without limitations, and it's a formidable tool for today's students as they expand their minds and opportunities and open up doors that have traditionally been closed.



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