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    Why futuristic schools must offer training in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence?

    Melissa Maria
    December 5, 2019

    Preparing students to cope up with the rapidly changing 21st century world is an integral part of a quality education system. The digital natives of today need to be equipped with a number of futuristic skills so that they are empowered to the handle the growing demands of next generation jobs that require innovative thinking and a strong base in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

    According to a survey, STEM jobs in USA have grown 79% since 1990, rising from 9.7 million to 17.3 million, outpacing overall job growth. It is a clear indication that STEM job market is surging up and there is going to be a huge requirement for employees who are trained and specialised in the two most popular areas of STEM – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

    As Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are regarded as the main technology drivers behind shaping the future of humanity, present day schools must take the initiative to orient the students in these areas.

    At GIIS, The Global Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (GCIE) has been specifically set up to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in students challenging them to think out of the box and spark their creativity. Through a series of workshop on Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence, the students are geared for their future educational journey and career prospects.

    Here are a few reasons why schools should introduce the students to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:

    • Training in Robotics and AI triggers interest in STEM

    Many students do not have prior interest in STEM related subjects. Robotics, coding and AI based trainings are great ways to gauge the interest of such students in concepts related to science, technology and math. The fun and engaging activities involved in STEM based workshops trigger participants’ interests in science-based subjects and offers them a platform to hone technical skills, analytical skills and logical thinking.

    • Students learn the streak of innovation

    The process of creating a Robot or developing a chatbot requires innovative streak and critical thinking. Apart from following every step with precision, learners are required to use logical thinking to come up with solutions when stuck at a certain step. In the process they explore innovative methods and tools to overcome the challenges and succeed in their attempts.    

    • Students learn problem-Solving Skills

    An elementary training into STEM fields like Robotics and AI, teach the students a lot beyond the concepts and working knowledge of the technologies. For example, Robotics require the learner to go through a series of tasks and use interdisciplinary knowledge to finally build a machine or Robot. Students also learn basics of programming and electronics while Robotics training which enhances the exposure of the learner in more than one area. So, students have multiple benefits

    • Students learn to collaborate and teamwork

    Most of the trainings in Robotics and AI culminate in group projects where participants have to work in teams to successfully complete an assignment. These are the opportunities and platforms where students learn to collaborate and work using each other’s strengths for the success of the team. Every participant tries to think creatively in order to contribute their best. Training in Robotics and AI are a bonus for students as they also pick up 21st century skills like collaboration and teamwork during the intensive course.

    Training in Robotics and AI generates lot of fun-based learning in students that comes from doing things in a hands-on way and gaining a sense of accomplishment by bringing to life hi-tech Robots and interactive chatbots.

    GIIS believes in keeping the students abreast with latest technologies so that they are fully equipped to take-on advanced studies and better job prospects in future. By offering Robotics as a CCA to selected grades, and hosting Robotics, AI and Entrepreneurship bootcamps, the school effectively nurtures the students as innovators of tomorrow.

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