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    Rupali Karekar, Editor, Media Center

    Rupali Karekar is the Editor of GIIS Media Centre. She has worked as a journalist with the Straits Times in Singapore, and has more than 15 years of experience in Media.

    Is a Happy child a better student?

    January 10, 2019




    Whilst studies have long established that happiness leads to better workplace productivity, researchers have only recently begun exploring whether promoting happiness in the classroom leads to better overall achievements. Not surprisingly, the current body of research indicates a connection between a nurturing school environment and...

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    Embracing the Art of Communication - What Is it and How Is It Taught?

    December 8, 2018



    For their future success, today's students need to know how to communicate, yet many are graduating without this critical skill. At GIIS, we aim to help our students graduate with all of the skills they need for success, including communication skills. We've already discussed why communication skills are critical, so here is a closer look...

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    Why Communication Skills are important for Academic Success

    November 2, 2018

    Communication is complex and takes many forms. Students who master the subtleties of oral communication and non-verbal cues are better-prepared to articulate their ideas, show empathy toward others and constructively resolve a conflict. Compared to those who struggle to express themselves, effective communicators are more likely to succeed and...

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    Embracing the Art of Communication - The Need for Communication Skills

    October 28, 2018



    In a technology-driven society, opportunity is literally at our fingertips. Today's students are presented with endless opportunities to discover the world around them, with nothing more than a smartphone. Yet according to Forbes, many young graduates enter the workforce lacking some of the most basic life skills they will need to find...

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